About & History

Hey! I’m Gabriel Kirmani, a 15 year old student at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, a rigorous public magnet residential high school. The Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) is partially why this project has been able to come to fruition. A little after I had started the project and progress started to plateau (I was using off the shelf metal parts like 3 inch corner braces for motor mounts that as you can see in the video below didn’t really cut it in terms of accuracy) I saw a poster for a grant. The grant’s name was the Micheal P. Fabio grant and it offered grants for extracuricular, promising, student led projects. I wrote up a letter of interest (attached below) and before I knew it I was giving a presentation to Mr.Fabio (father of the late Micheal P. Fabio) and some people from the MSSM board. The next day I got a letter of grant acceptance and only but a week later I received the money. I had already invested about $450 into the project but the grant money was greatly beneficial, it allowed me to buy a nice 3D printer, filament, host this website, and get a few other goodies. I’m proud of this project and what it stands for, and I hope it’s brought you some value.

The first test didn’t go too well 😂